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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Americas Worst Nightmare: Inflation And WW3

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Prices: 10 years ago (2002)

oil ($22 / barrel)
gasoline ($1.45 / gallon)
bread  ($2.00 / loaf)
milk ($2.00 / gallon)
gold ($300 / ounce)

Prices: today (2012)

oil ($110 / barrel)
gasoline ($4.00 / gallon)
bread  ($3.75 / loaf)
milk ($3.75 / gallon)
gold ($1,700 / ounce)

Prices: percentage increase

oil (500%)
gasoline (276%)
bread  (188%)
milk (188%)
gold (567%)
Here’s the kicker… Median household income today is below 1999 levels!
Has your take home pay increased by similar percentages to keep up with ‘real’ inflation?


Face it, inflation is going through the roof, no matter what Bernanke (The FED) tells you. Their inflation calculations are a bald-face lie with regards to what is real for normal Americans.
They calculate inflation without food and fuel, which is not put in to the core inflation index!

Nearly 50 million Americans require food stamps to put food on the table.
Bernanke (The FED) keeps interest rates near zero, keeping people from putting money in the bank for savings, because there is essentially no interest paid on savings. They want you to spend it all instead.
The whole system is breaking down. The gap between the rich and the poor in America is the widest of any industrialized nation.
China is divesting it’s US Treasuries securities.

The Scheme

The scheme they will come up with as a last resort to save the system, will be Americas worst nightmare: War with Iran – all tied in with Syria.
Stay abreast of the current events. Be aware of the media lies that spin the direction of our ‘think’. The war with Iran will be the beginning of WW3 and will be designed to take the people’s mind off of what is really happening with the economy, just like prior to WW2.
Don’t let the media do your thinking for you. Think for yourself, because in the end, that’s all it’s about. You, and what you think. Have courage, respect, and dignity.
Are you prepared?

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