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Friday, April 20, 2012

CAUTION: The practice of any of the following may cause people to label you as a prepper.

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Unlike the media’s current sensationalized portrayal of prepping, it is actually a very practical and common sense lifestyle. Ridicule of others is often used to mask the fears of many people. Those people who fail to understand the true meaning of being prepared often seek to belittle the efforts of those who do believe in being self reliant and see the value of planning ahead.
Everyone prepares in different ways for a multitude of events in their daily lives. Some are small events that can cause minor aggravation in your daily routine but others can cause a widespread disruption that can create major problems if you don’t use a little common sense to prepare in advance for that distinct possibility.
It seems that many would like you to think of preppers as a fringe element of our society. This is really pretty comical when you think about it. When you examine some of the everyday things that people do on a regular basis, it is hard to believe that preppers could be considered anything other than an example that others would seek to follow.
Let’s take a look at a few examples of things that are commonplace in the lives of many people and examine just how many of us may be on the “fringes of society” without realizing it. It would be nearly impossible to list them all but a few choice examples should be enough to help you decide if preppers should be considered a fringe element of our society or an example of a common sense lifestyle.
CAUTION: The practice of any of the following may cause people to label you as a prepper.
1. Do you drive a vehicle with a spare tire in case you have a flat?
2. Do you keep a jack in that vehicle in order to use that spare tire?
3. Have you ever built a house using a set of plans?
4. Did you ever evacuate (i.e., bug out) because of a storm or hurricane?
5. Did you ever turn on a flashlight or light a candle when the power went off?
6. Have you ever bought homeowner’s or car insurance?
7. Have you ever carried an umbrella because it might rain?
8. Have you ever caught rainwater in a bucket or a barrel?
9. Do you have a garden in your yard?

10. Do you keep some spare cash handy for an emergency?
11. Ever use a map to make sure of where you are or how to get there?
12. Have you ever cooked a meal on something other than an electric stove?
13. Have you ever eaten a meal straight from the can?
14. Ever bought more food than you could eat in one meal?
15. Ever bought more than one of an item in case one breaks or as a spare?
Labels are sometimes a good thing. They can tell you a lot with a simple word. A label can often give you valuable information and help you make an informed decision. When you take many of the daily activities in our lives into account, being prepared is really just a practical application of basic common sense.
Now where can I get a label that says “PREPPER”?
This website is not responsible if you suddenly realize you may be a PREPPER.
Staying above the water line!

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