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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

12 Tips For Movement During Evasion

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1. A moving object is easy to spot. I repeat. A moving object is easy to spot. This is probably the most important thing to remember if you are trying to remain undetected, for whatever reason.
2. Mask yourself with natural cover. Apart from wearing a Ghillie suit, this includes the choice of clothing you are wearing. Consider your surroundings and blend in with them by wearing similar colors. It’s usually a safe bet with neutral colors without patterns – olive drab, brown, beige, gray…
3. Movement during periods of low light, or bad weather will reduce the likelihood of being seen.
4. Avoid silhouetting. Walking in the open, particularly without objects nearby behind you (e.g. across a hilltop, etc.) will present a visible profile to others.
5. At irregular intervals (as in NOT regular intervals), STOP at a point of concealment and LOOK and LISTEN for signs of activity. Your sense of smell may assist as well.
6. Be quiet. Be aware of the noise you are making as you move and travel including that of your equipment or clothing.
7. Moving along an irregular route will help conceal evidence of travel. As in, it’s easier to track someone walking a straight line.
8. Do not break branches or disturb vegetation. ‘Manage’ vegetation that normally would spring back (e.g. use walking stick to part vegetation).
9. Do not grab small trees or brush.
10. Do not overturn ground cover, rocks and sticks.
11. Take advantage of solid surfaces (rocks, logs, etc.).
12. Cross roads after observation from concealment to determine if there is activity. Cross at points offering concealment.

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1 comment:

  1. More advice - Don't smoke or build fires unless very concealed. Avoid sudden movements - when starting or stopping movement, glide or ease movement to begin or end.