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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Get Your Mind Right

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 Get Your Mind Right

We’ve all done it.  We hear about some disaster that’s coming down the pipe, or a potential weather event just over the horizon, or maybe the neighbor told us that the Cthulhu is on his way, and that’s what the Mayan Apocalypse is all about.  And so we freak out.  Maybe a little, maybe alot, but we freak out.

Bringing it a little closer to home right now, we look at what’s going on in the financial system, and we freak out.  We look at the chaos in the world and the bells of war that are tolling, and we freak out.  We look at the economy, and freak out.  We look at gas prices, and freak out.

It’s in our nature as humans. And honestly, it’s something we need to try to control.  Because the Freak Out doesn’t help us any.  It doesn’t help at all.

It prevents us from thinking straight.  It prevents us from making good decisions.  It makes us make hasty decisions without planning. It prevents us from executing on plans and decisions we’ve already made.

The Freak Out is what makes you read about a polar shift and immediately go and sell everything you own to build a new hideout somewhere you think might be safe, without thinking it through.
The Freak Out is what causes people to buy a couple pallets full of Mountain House without knowing if they even LIKE eating it.

So when you hear that new disaster scenario, or see headlines that make you worry, don’t be surprised if you freak out just a little.  But don’t let it grow beyond that.

Push down the panic, and do your best to think things through rationally.  Exactly how could what you just read about affect you?  Is there anything you need to add to your standing prepping plans to accomodate this?

Is there anything you need to do NOW to account for the new potential?

Unless the tornado sirens are going off or something along those lines, chances are that you’ve got time to think things through better, and that you’re sitting much better than you initially think.
Just don’t let the Freak Out grab ahold of you.  Or you might find yourself sitting at the top of a mountain with a couple pallets of Mountain House and not much else and wonder what the heck you were thinking…

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