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Monday, December 24, 2012

100 Barter-able Skills and Services

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In our everyday lives, if we need something done we usually break out the wallet or credit card and take care of the problem.  It's coming to the point for many people, however, that they need other options besides cash or credit, to obtain the things they want and need.  Enter the concept of bartering.
Bartering has been used for centuries and only went away from common use within the last century or so.  These days many people feel uncomfortable with the concept of bartering (not ALL people as many communities have thriving underground bartering networks).  Among the issues: they think they lack anything to trade, they are uncomfortable with the whole process, they don't know how to approach people about a trade, etc.
While much of the bartering process simply requires a bit of nerve and people skills, you will also need something (or many somethings) to trade.  Note that trading things--like a rifle or a car or something smaller--is perfectly fine for bartering but once the item is gone, it's gone.  With skills and services you can barter these things repeatedly.  Here are 100 barterable skills and services that many people are happy to trade for:

  1. Car repair
  2. Sewing
  3. Computer repair
  4. Computer setup and networking
  5. Construction
  6. Plumbing
  7. Electrical work
  8. Finish carpentry
  9. Tree trimming/cutting
  10. Butchering
  11. Food production (meat, vegetables, fruit, etc)
  12. Cooking/baking
  13. Babysitting
  14. Elderly sitting
  15. Dog walking
  16. Website design
  17. Doctor
  18. Nurse
  19. Home health aid
  20. Home improvement (build deck, clean gutters, etc)
  21. Yard maintenance
  22. Fire wood
  23. Legal services
  24. Dentistry
  25. Logging/lumber
  26. Hair cutting
  27. Party/wedding planning
  28. Tutoring
  29. Teaching (dance, music, English, etc)
  30. Furniture making
  31. Reloading ammo
  32. Artist (painting, sculpting, etc)
  33. Animal husbandry/animal breeding
  34. Well drilling
  35. Heavy equipment operator
  36. Foraging/dumpster diving
  37. Wine making/beer brewing
  38. Defensive skills training (karate, tactical shooting, etc)
  39. Welding
  40. Gunsmithing
  41. Veterinarian services
  42. Food procurement (hunting, fishing)
  43. Small appliance repair
  44. Electronics repair
  45. Watch repair
  46. Soap making
  47. Candle making
  48. Photographer
  49. Musician
  50. Writer
  51. Video making/editing
  52. Midwifery
  53. Herbalist
  54. Educator (how-to on any of these listed topics)
  55. Land surveyor
  56. Tax preparation
  57. Accounting
  58. Architect
  59. Sports coaching
  60. Fitness trainer
  61. Software/app developer
  62. Aircraft mechanic
  63. Heavy equipment mechanic
  64. Dental hygienist
  65. HVAC repair
  66. Interpreting
  67. Locksmith
  68. Parts machinist
  69. Blacksmith
  70. Residential/commercial painting
  71. Sheet metal working
  72. Iron working
  73. Transportation (driver, boat captain, etc)
  74. Auto painting/body work
  75. Mining
  76. Masseuse
  77. Nail tech (manicure/pedicure)
  78. Private detective
  79. Security guard/body guard
  80. Houskeeper/maid
  81. Bicycle repair
  82. Ministering (conduct weddings, funerals, etc)
  83. Graphic arts
  84. Flooring installer/cabinet installer/appliance installer
  85. Glazier services
  86. Masonry 
  87. Tool and die maker
  88. Pet grooming/boarding
  89. Screen printing
  90. Hauling/moving
  91. Reselling
  92. Bee keeping
  93. Cheesemaking
  94. Septic system design/installation
  95. Security system design/installation
  96. Spinning/textiles/making cloth/quilting/kniting
  97. Canning/smoking/other food preservation
  98. Producing electricity from solar/water/wind
  99. Bee keeping
  100. Skilled clean up (crime scenes, mold, after a disaster, chemical spill, etc)

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  1. Good stuff here, enjoyed reading it, and it made sense..keep it up!