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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What To Do If Someone Is Following You In A Car

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It’s a scary proposition to realize that someone might be following you. There are precautions you need to take to make sure that you stay safe. Here are a few ideas of what you might do if you think that someone is following you in a car.
It doesn’t take much effort to make sure that you’re not being followed. Since most criminals are amateurs, simply drive around the block if you think you’re ever being followed.  Drive a complicated route, or take a few corners to make sure you’re not just imagining that someone is following you.
Don’t panic and don’t drive reckless.
Calm yourself so that you can think clearly. Get your mind on looking around you to see if there is someplace safe you can go.
NEVER stop and get out of your car.
NEVER go straight home. You do not want the ‘nut job’ to know where you live.
Be sure that all of your doors are locked. Someone can gain access to a car that’s stopped at a red light or stop sign in a few seconds.
Be sure that your windows are rolled up.
Stay on well traveled roads, if at all possible. People looking to hurt people in their cars are looking for people who are the most vulnerable.
NEVER stop to let a car that’s following you pass. Pull over to another lane to let someone pass, but don’t come to a stop. If there’s only one lane of traffic, don’t pull over at all. If the person wants to pass and there’s no traffic, they can go around you if they want to pass that badly.
If you are convinced you’re being followed, dial 911. They will direct you to the nearest police station. It helps to have a charged up cell phone with you…
Drive to a police station. The guy behind you is not likely to stop there. If he or she does, don’t get out of your car until there are policemen outside your door to escort you. Another choice is to go to a fire station, hospital, or an all night superstore. Don’t go anywhere where there are not a lot of people. Keep driving until you come to something well lit and populated. Never get out of your car unless you know that you are safe.
Don’t assume things are safe because they look that way. Don’t assume someone is safe because they’re well dressed, female, young or old or because there’s a child in the car. Criminals often go way out of their way to appear as ordinary and trustworthy as possible. Many, many crime victims thought someone was safe because of the way they looked or because someone was with them. Crooks even use young kids to do their dirty work. (Home invaders are famous for this one – using a child to knock on a door selling something so they can get you to open up and then rush you. Don’t assume anything. If someone is following you assume that it’s dangerous and err on the side of caution.
If you carry a handgun, you MUST stay completely calm. NEVER get steamed up. It is the responsibility of the Gun-Owner to DE-Escalate the situation. In most states, you cannot “flash” your handgun unless you are in peril of bodily harm… else spend time in the slammer. People that carry, are expected to be above ‘acting out’ on the road. They know that it is a privilege and that it can be revoked for the slightest infraction.

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