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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Steve Solomon's Soil and Health e-Library

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I'm really enjoying the incredible variety of obscure old books being scanned and put up on the interwebs. Of interest to readers of this blog will be the archive of free e-books maintained by gardening author Steve Solomon. His Soil and Health e-library contains books on "holistic agriculture, holistic health and self-sufficient homestead living" You can download the books for free, but Solomon requests a modest $13 donation. You can find this amazing resource at:

The "Radical Agriculture" part of the archive contains many early organic ag classics by authors such as Sir Albert Howard, J.I. Rodale and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer. The "Homesteading" part of the library contains tomes dating from the 1700s (William Ellis' The Country Housewife's Family Companion), all the way to the appropriate technology movement of the 1970s (Gene Logsdon's Getting Food From Water: A guide to Backyard Aquaculture). 

So go load up those e-readers. Or maybe print them out in case we have a revolution.

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