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Thursday, July 4, 2024

8 Home Economic Skills Your Kids Need to Know

8 Home Economic Skills Your Kids Need to Know

It may be hard to imagine your kids all grown up and having to manage their own homes, but that day will get here before you know it. Don’t be that parent who waits for their children’s school to give them a crash course on the subject. Trust me, it’s brief and doesn’t cover everything about being an adult. Check out these home economic skills your kids need to know. In case you missed this post, 30 Pioneer Skills We Cannot Lose.

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Home Economic Skills Your Kids Need to Know 

It’s better to prepare and teach them these important home economic skills now so that one day, they won’t have to rely on others. Not only will you be teaching them valuable lessons, but those special times when mom or dad showed them something will never be forgotten. Check out these eight home economic skills that your kids need to know.   

1. Basic Cooking Skills

Could you imagine coming home after a long day of work and not having to lift another finger because your kids have got you covered? Hard to guess, I know. Now I know you’re thinking, “You’ve got to be joking? My kid would burn down the house.” 

Start off small if you have to, like TV dinners. It’s better to start there while they’re young instead of waiting until they’re out on their own and still using the microwave for every meal. Once they’ve mastered the microwave, it’s time to try cooking simple meals like spaghetti or tacos that only require a few steps. Here are some simple ways you can teach your children to cook

2. Proper Nutrition  

Obesity is a growing concern among children today, with no thanks to Little Debbie. (Today, she goes by Big Debra because Twinkies were her favorite, too.) Make it a habit to present your children with sweet alternatives like fruit instead of so much junk food. 

Along with teaching your children how to cook, it’s also important to show them how to follow proper nutrition. That mac n’ cheese dinner is not a balanced meal on its own, but adding a few vegetables, some diced chicken, and a scoop of berries, and now you’re cooking. Here are some of the basics of nutrition that you can show your kids. 

3. House Cleaning 

It’s not fair that mom has to try and keep things clean by herself when several other household members are quite capable of helping. Teaching your children the importance of keeping things reasonably clean and tidy is a good idea. If you don’t, one day, their spouse/partner will know who’s to blame.

Teach them the correct cleaner to use on your kitchen sink and toilet and which spray to use on windows and surface spaces. Show them the proper way to remove clutter from their room and how to follow up with vacuuming. Here are several chores that even a 5-year-old could do (with parental guidance the first few times), and you’d be amazed how much time you’re left with at the end of the day because you’re not trying to do it all yourself.   

4. Doing the Laundry 

Wouldn’t it be grand if everyone in your household could do their laundry? But don’t stop there. How about folding it and putting it away, too? Talk about a dream come true. Show them how to sort their dirty clothes, the correct settings to run the washer based on the types of fabric and color, how to clean out the linen trap, and so forth. Start with a few simple steps to make teaching your children to do laundry even easier. 

For instance, it is sorting white, colors, and delicates into different piles. Show them how to turn the knobs on the washer for cold, warm, or hot settings. It’s a good idea to show them the tags on some clothes if they have questions about what temperature to use.

5. Sewing

Even if you’re no expert at sewing, I’m sure you could handle teaching the basics. It doesn’t matter if you have a house full of boys; do them the courtesy of teaching them how to sew back on a button or repair a small rip on a sleeve. That will keep them from throwing a nice pair of jeans away while at college since they now have the skills you taught them. Check out how you can teach your kids to be a tailor, even without sewing, if need be.   

6. Upkeep Around the House 

Sometimes, getting your children to play around with their dad while he’s fixing minor issues around the house will provide life skills that your kids will never forget. That, and the memories they’ll have of their father. Have your hubby point out where the water line shutoff and electrical breaker box are located so they can turn them on or off in an emergency. 

Kids need to know how to do simple repairs on small appliances and plumbing and how to fix their bikes. (It seems like bikes are constantly breaking down these days.)

7. Money Management

Please don’t make the mistake of not teaching your children the importance of saving and managing their money. If you don’t teach some money management skills, there’s a good chance they’ll never leave your basement. Teach them the critical practice of balancing a checkbook, even if this seems outdated to you. Show them how to keep track of their bank account with an online banking app. Here’s some additional direction when talking about money management with kids.   

8. Relational Skills 

It seems like more and more these days, everyone is getting offended. Not just with the people we converse with online or at work but also with bitter feuds created within our families. The same can even happen to the closest of friends over trivial matters. 

Many times, it’s because we allow technology to get in the way instead of communicating face-to-face. We also don’t spend the time and energy to make these relationships work. Here are several relationship skills tips that every kid (and adult) needs.   

Final Word

No matter what age your child may be, it’s not a bad idea to start teaching them some of these essential home economic skills, and others, that they will need for life. This allows them to spread their wings and fly out of your nest when they’re older, and it helps you immensely in the meantime. What home economic skills do your kids need to know? Would you add to this list? Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless this world, Linda

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