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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Average American Joe

The average American Joe is for lack of a better word pathetic. I look at my co-workers and my wife's friends and I am amazed at the feeble and gullible mentality they have in all aspects of their life.

They spend a fortune on golf clubs but they do not own a gun. They say their wives don't want guns in the house because they are dangerous. I bet she changes her tune after the rapists crawls through the window at 230am. Too late then.

They all have $$$$$ life insurance but they only have 3-4 days of food in the house. They make sure their family will have money for the future but they can't imagine life without a grocery store or McDonalds. Come on, that could never happen.

They pay someone to mow and landscape their lawn yet they also pay for a gym membership to "stay in shape". Don't want to get dirty or look like a "farm boy".

They spend the weekends glued to a tv watching game after game after game. They couldn't tell you the difference between a hardwood or a pine, to them a turkey is a white bird you eat on Thanksgiving, a blind is something that covers a window and the rut is something you get stuck in. But they can tell you all of the statistics on every player, team and millions of other mindless tidbits that will do you absolutely no good. ESPN is their God.

Their idea of "bugging out" is to take the mini-van out to the state park one weekend a year and spend a night at a campsite (surrounded by people) so they can "get in touch with nature". Oh how brave and scary that night in the wild must have been!

I could go on but I think I'll stop my rant right here. I'm glad to have this forum because it makes me realize they are still a few sane, mentally independent and strong individuals out there that haven't caved in to the world of the politically correct or the "sensitive man". Sometimes I hope for a SHTF situation to rock their little wimpy world just so I can say "I told you so".

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