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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to make one piece moccasins.

I made moccasins like these while in Girl scouts and was tickled to find a forum that had step by step instructions to make them again now that I am an adult.
I have made a few pairs of them in fleece for slippers for my family.
How to make one piece moccasins.
Please respect Cougarwomans pattern and if you wish to copy it for someone please ask her.. Links to her site are permitted.
Now I plan on buying some buckskin or leather from my cousin who makes leather purses for a living, she usually has bits and pieces that are not good or have flaws and can not be used for purses to make a few pair for my family. Rabbit fur is easily bought at craft stores for trim.. I might even do a bit of bead work on them as I have a huge box of beads that is just sitting there.:D

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