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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction

Piggy-backing off of the Where there is no Doctor/Dentist: Free Download post, I wanted to also include this free download for your reference and survival library:
Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction
Written by the Remote, Austere, Wilderness, and Third-World Medicine discussion-board moderators (made up of physicians, medics and EMTs), this book’s origin came out of the misc.survivalism Usenet newsgroup back in the late 90s. It was originally written in response to recurring posts asking the same questions since many of the answers given were often wrong and occasionally dangerous.
This version, revised in 2005, is completely rewritten from the original 1997 version with some completely new sections added. It’s main purpose is to provide answers to commonly asked questions related to survival/preparedness medicine. It does a good job at providing relevant information not commonly found in traditional texts as well as directing you where to find more information.

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