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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abandoning A BOL in City Limits, Do You Still Have Cache Options?

This post may belong somewhere else, not sure. If it's not where it need be, mods please relocate at your convenience with my apologies.

When bugging out there are many situations that may render it necessary to abandon your vehicle. That being the case, I've always been a proponent of having extra supplies within the vehicle to cache close by the area you've felt compelled to abandon. The logic behind this being that there is enough space inside a vehicle (mine anyway) for supplies over and above what you can travel with on foot, so having an emergency cache in a location close to your vehicle is appealing if only to prevent the extras from becoming completely useless. Sure you can't carry the excess far, but perhaps just far enough to cache it as a "just in case" rally point for later on.

Plenty of reasons for this IMO. It could be you find it necessary for a quick retreat after misjudging an outlet route; it could be that the walking path you chose has been compromised by checkpoints or bad-folks-a-plenty. Could be you've been turned around after a few days due to newly discovered environmental changes and need to re-up ammo, food or water, I mean the list could go on. Basically it just makes good sense to me.

I'm just wondering if y'all have any views on caching should you have to abandon the vehicle in an urban area? Close enough to a wooded area you're almost golden as long as you've got brain cells and time to recon. A shovel and motivation and you can usually find somewhere to bury things that will have a good chance of remaining undiscovered for a few days, weeks even. However, burying stuff in cities will be next to impossible, and just by having caches close to a moving population you run a risk of it being discovered.

So, with burying out of the question, there has to still be some options for hiding and concealing an emergency resupply in that situation, yes? Maybe a concealment device you could bring along in the BOV as a cover or subterfuge? What kind of contraption I have no idea, but there has to be something. Ideas?

Just off the top of my head I'm thinking that some warning labels/stickers might come in handy to discourage any close examination. Signs like "Biological Hazard", "Unexploded Ordinance", "Rabies Quarantine", "Beware: Justin Bieber Music" (lol), maybe some police tape, e.t.c... might work I guess - if you can find a suitable hide spot to stick them on. Maybe even body bags, as morbid as that might be? Rigging a bang as a preventative measure is not a possibility to me, since I wouldn't want to hurt someone inadvertently, and God forbid a child should happen on it by mistake. Not to mention explosions and body parts laying around a stash could cause more attention, which kinda defeats the purpose.

Just thinking out loud really, but considering I'm stuck in a city for the next while, I do wonder if there any proven way or any methods y'all would follow to construct or conceal a quick emergency cache in a city area, leaving a good chance of it remaining intact for a reasonable amount of time anyway?

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