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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Gauges

Vintage National Pressure Cooker, Eau Claire, ...Image by beautifulcataya via Flickr
After having my gauges checked and finding out two needed to be replaced I went to the local canning store to find some new ones.  They only carried Presto brand and I have All American canners.  I went to the All American site and ordered them from Red Hill General Store and they were here in four days!  Really good service.
I talked myself out of taking the Master Canning Class for the following reasons: I know how to can and when I have questions I go the USDA site for answers, the class cost $75 and you know how frugal I am the clincher for me was that they wanted 45 volunteer hours before you got your certification.  The class was about an hour away so I would have had a lot of traveling to do for no return.  My frugal decision was not to take the class at this time and focus on getting more paying canning jobs.
I am all set now with all my canners ready to go with correct calibrations. 

I just called both Presto and All American asking about gauge pressure checker machines (I am not sure what to call the gadget so bear with me here).  I was told only Presto makes one and they only sell them to County Extension Offices.  Since the County I live in does not have one we have to travel to another County or invite them to our County.
Both companies told me jostling or bumping them can throw off the needle so be careful.  They both said the weight is fairly accurate and when the valve begins to shake the weight you are at that many pounds pressure.  It is best to have the gauge and the valve reading at 10 pounds and not just rely on the gauge.  I have asked both companies to supply more information and as soon as I hear from them I will pass it on.

Here is the answer from Presto

The gauge can be mailed to us and tested National Presto Ind.
3925 North Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54701

NPI Customer Service

Shipments made to U.S. or Canada only

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  1. I love Red Hill General Store. Was googling them and found your blog. Just had to comment.