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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Four ‘Unique’ Survival Items

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Today I wanted to share with you a few ‘unique’ items that we have in our supplies. When it comes to prepping, everyone usually talks about having food. Plenty of food. And believe me, there is nothing wrong with that at all. In fact it is the first step in a prepping plan. However, trying to maintain some sort of a household, survival retreat, or ‘home’, will require more than just food. I happened to come across these unique items in our supplies, while I was looking for something else and I thought I’d share.

1. Washboard – This simple, inexpensive, yet unique little item, we found to be quite impressive. Whether you are bugged out or bugged in, you will need the ability to clean some clothes and undergarments, particularly if you are out of power. If you are in a disastrous situation, you won’t be doing your normal laundry on a regular basis, but I am sure you will have some things that need to be washed. Our washboard removed stains and cleaned clothing. What surprised us was how lightly you really had to scrub on the steel ridges to get your clothes clean. Again, it’s a simple, inexpensive item and it’s great!

2. Maxi pads –  I recommend that you have them in your first aid supplies/kit. Why would you need maxi pads with your first aid supplies? Well, they are great blood absorbers, so use them when you are trying to stop heavy bleeding coming from someone’s wound. If the bleeding is light, then by all means, use some gauze. Maxi pads will be much more helpful when trying to stop heavy bleeding so that you can apply bandages once the bleeding has stopped. Remember that you need to apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

3. Cable ties or zip ties – Many of you have probably seen these. They are primarily used by electricians. However, they are great fasteners. Generally, they have a one time use. They are inexpensive and lightweight. They will also fit nicely into your bug out bag. They can secure tarps together as long as they have grommets. They also come in handy in your garden for tying plants, such as tomatoes, to a stake to hold them up. There are many uses for these lightweight, but effective fasteners.

4. Bandanas – Here is another useful, inexpensive and unique survival item. First of all, some more obvious uses would be to use them as a washcloth or a dishrag. Ken loves to use one as a sweatband and I use one to cover my head to help prevent heat exhaustion. Tying one around your neck will help to prevent your neck from getting sunburn. You can also keep some in your first aid kit to use as a sling or a tourniquet. They also make a nice impromptu little ‘basket’. Tying the ends together through your belt loop or a loop on your backpack and you have an extra way to carry things.

These were just a few unique and inexpensive items that are great for all preppers. There are so, so many items that are handy for prepping. It’s always fun to list a few that are not typically in the main-stream short-lists.

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