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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Prudent Prepper - Tips for Common Sense Prepping

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Using common sense in developing a “prepper” lifestyle is perhaps the best way to get started in prepping. Using a little common sense in your prepping will also help you avoid being labeled as an individual who might be considered paranoid. There are always going to be certain events that we won’t see coming but even a simple and very basic level of sensible preparedness will enable you to survive some of the more common disasters that can affect your lifestyle.
Tips for Common Sense Prepping
1. Increase your knowledge and skills. These are things that will always be with you and will be there when needed in a crisis.
2. Create a preparedness plan. A prudent person wouldn’t attempt to build a house without a set of blueprints. Even a simple plan will guide your efforts in the right direction.
3. Establish your priorities. You can prepare more easily when you establish the proper priorities. Make a list of the most important needs of you and your family and take care of these items first.
4. Set realistic goals. If you set realistic goals for yourself and your family, they will be much easier to achieve. Start with short term goals that cover the basics and then move into a more advanced stage of preparedness gradually.
5. Realize your limitations. It’s literally impossible to prepare for everything that could happen in our lives. A prudent person will realize this and use common sense when preparing for those threats that are more likely to have a direct impact on their lifestyle.
 Even a small crisis can have a devastating effect on your lifestyle but with a little common sense those effects can be minimized or quite possibly eliminated entirely.
Staying above the water line!

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