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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Preppers, Privacy and Perception - Safeguarding Your Security

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Preppers are sometimes perceived as being fairly secretive about their activities. There is a very good reason for this attitude. Most preppers have a much better understanding of their right to privacy and the consequences involved when your privacy isn’t safeguarded. Preppers also understand that a failure to safeguard their privacy can have a serious effect on the level of their security.
In most cases, privacy issues are usually thought of in terms of the disclosure of personal information. While the disclosure of personal information is an important aspect of privacy, it also involves several other problems. These problems can create numerous security issues if you fail to take your privacy seriously.
There is a false perception that can arise from this situation. People quite often use the old argument “If they haven’t done anything wrong, what are they trying to hide.” This is a statement that doesn’t cover the real privacy concerns about those seemingly innocent “little things” that can affect your life and your security in a very negative way. The real argument should be “It’s not what’s being hidden; it’s what’s being protected.” If your privacy is being safeguarded properly, there will be fewer concerns about your security.
Privacy is vitally important to your security for a number of reasons. These problems can create serious security issues due to false perceptions many people have about the value of privacy. It is usually not your actual information that creates a problem but how your information may be used or abused without regards to the possible consequences.
Privacy and Perception - Safeguarding Your Security
1. Lack of Control - Quite often you will have little or no control over the dissemination of your information once it has been disclosed.
2. Lack of Concern - Quite often your personal information may be disclosed with little regard to the possible negative effects on your security by those disclosing your personal information.
3. Inability to Correct Errors - You may also experience serious problems if incorrect information is disseminated or done in an incorrect manner. Errors in your information can be literally impossible to correct and many times important details may be disregarded or ignored.
4. Lack of Accountability - Quite often there will be no one that can be held accountable if your information is lost, stolen or abused.
5. Lack of Discretion - Your personal information can also be used with little or no discretion as to how others perceive you and your activities. This can create a totally false impression in the mind of others.
When safeguarding your security, your privacy does matter.
Staying above the water line!
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