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Monday, May 14, 2012

Survival Skills Cross Training Is Essential

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I don’t think I can stress often enough how important it is to learn what you don’t know how to do. I am particularly thinking of the things you don’t know how to do that you may need to know in a SHTF scenario. For example, it’s kind of similar to the way Coach Bill Belichick trains his Patriot football players. On any given notice, his players can ‘fill in’ and play another position. That’s part of what makes them a great team.
The members of your household should be able to ‘fill in’ when needed. For example, you and your family are ‘bugged out’ during a SHTF scenario. Your wife gets bit by a brown recluse spider and fever and chills have her laying in bed. Do you know how to treat her medically? Does your teenage son know? Can your teenage son make dinner and some homemade bread for the family while you are treating your wife and securing your premises for the night?
Ladies, do you know how to use a gun? Can you provide security for your bug out location if your husband falls ill? Men, can you make a dinner or biscuits from scratch while your wife is ill? Ladies, can you cut more firewood if need be? It is so important that cross training be done in your family…now!
Yes, it’s nice if you have one family member that you all turn to for medical needs. Perhaps that person just seems to enjoy treating sick or wounded people, or maybe they were first aid certified before the SHTF. What you need to figure out is who will become the family EMT if that person becomes ill. Is there anyone else in your family who can fill those shoes?

Give some serious consideration to cross training

Stop for awhile and give some serious consideration to all of the ‘jobs’ that would need to be done in an emergency situation. Make sure that there is more than one person that knows how to do each job. Make sure that they can ‘fill in’ at a moments notice. Does everyone that is old enough in your family know how to cook? use a hatchet? run the generator? start a fire? cleanse a wound? gut and butcher the rabbit they just trapped? successfully fish for food? tie several types of knots? on and on. There are too many practical survival skills to list. The point is to think about what works for you and your family, and cross-train.
This line of thinking can also be applied to ‘prepper groups’ that are getting together. Like-minded people who believe in prepping are getting acquainted. They are forming groups that can better protect their neighborhood or a common bug out location. Perhaps one is a fireman, another is a day care employee, another is an engineer. Share your knowledge and your skills with other group members.


Once you have decided who needs to learn what in your family or your group, let the teaching begin. Once the teaching is done, I recommend that you hold frequent practice drills as well. This will keep everyone’s memory and skills current. Frequent drills may expose a new problem or a lack of a certain supply.
Do your teaching now, before there is really a situation. Do your stocking up now, while you can. Stay well! Survive well!

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