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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Has it Come to this Again?

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I remember the whole locking gas cap phase of the 70's when after surprising some teenager stealing gas out of my grandmothers Buick my father and grandfather supplied all the families cars with locking gas caps. I believe my hand-me-down car when I hit 16 still had one of these old relics until I finally got fed up with it and bought a non-locking replacement.

Or maybe that was the Oldsmobile I tore the oil pan off of? I forget.

Apparently over the weekend a couple of co-workers had a run in with gas thieves of their own and were lamenting their drained tanks which they discovered on their way into work this morning. My bet it was the same thief or group of them because the two live very close to one another.

With their complaints fresh in my mind I stumbled across this article this afternoon:

As Gas Prices top $4, Sonoma County fuel thefts Grow
Like we didn't all know that was coming.

We are almost to $4 a gallon here and this is much more of an economically depressed area so my bet is gas thefts are per capita are much higher, but as of today was the first time I have heard of gas thefts in years. Well other than the drive offs and such. Perhaps the station managers don't see it the way I do but I look on siphon thefts from private vehicles as sort of a greater sign of trouble than a few drive offs.

I did have a full gas can disappear out of my front lawn last Summer while I was at work which prompted me to build the battery and fuel addition to my workshop. Not that my locks would stop a determined thief but it may make them think twice.

Keep Prepping Everyone... And guard your fuel!!!!

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  1. A year ago I rented a uhaul truck to move about 150 miles away. I loaded the truck and drove off and 40 miles down the road I went to fuel up. The truck had a locking gas cap on it. I called Uhual and they said they don't use locking gas caps and didn't have keys. I opened the back and located a tool box and took out my plumbers wrench and twisted the locking gas cap off. Easy as that, no damage to the tank fill spout either.