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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Emergency Laundry

I'm sure that most folks know way more about this subject than I do; however, I have done my best to think the issue through, have made my purchases, and have quite successfully done my own laundry by hand using the equipment I've linked below. My intent was to have supplies on hand that I could use to do some serious laundry if all the power went out. What I discovered is that the laundry system I put together is perfect for hand washing my outdoor clothing (some gortex) that I used to do by hand in the tub anyway. It has turned out to be something I use regulary - not just stored for an emergency.

The system I put together includes two washboards (one small and one large, made of swirl crimped stainless steel), two Rapid Action wash plungers, two large rubber maid containers with lids, and my luxury item is a qualifty mechanical hand wringer.

I basically cut a hole in top of the of the rubbermaid container lids just large enough for the handle of the rapid washer. This allows me to pump the rapid washer up and down without splashing water. I use the same setup for both the washing and rising cycles (with two complete setup you can have two people working at the same time). Once washed and rinsed, I use the wringer then hang to dry. I know this sounds so extremely simple that your probably laughing; however, the real secret is that the "rapid washer plunger" is extremely affective and easier than using your hands. The wringer takes out way more water than even a spin dry. Oh - forgot to mention that I use the wash board to work any serious stains prior to washing. Paracord makes a good clothline.

This system makes it all so easy that I have found myself actually enjoying doing a load of laundry by hand now and then. Also - everything is quality but still CHEAP - except that I splurged on the wringer which is a joy to use and makes the whole process much easier and enjoyable. Here are the links to the different components:

Rapid Washer:



Rubber Maid Tubs:

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