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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Predator Threat during Survival Times

By Joseph Parish

We have formerly addressed the problems of residing in the vicinity of a prison when a major calamity threatens our well being. Now I would like to go one step further with that proposal and discuss attitudes.

It has been alleged that during the collapse of the Bosnia infrastructure the cell doors of their prisons were opened widely allowing the liberation of many dangerous criminal elements upon society once again. It seems that the liberal segment of their society just could not see these anti-social rebels suffering. On the rampage once again were rapists, killers and who knows what else. With that said it should be established that one should make a mental note as to how close your retreat is in connection to your nearest penal complex.

Often people wonder if the when the balloon starts to rise if we are merely casting a dark shadow upon society and in reality the people involved will react rationally and with dignity. Everyone naturally assumes that when the tragic state of affairs begins the worse in people will customarily start to emerge. Could this moment during an emergency wipe out generations of social breeding in a mere moments notice? I seriously think it could.

We have previously seen first hand the results from Los Angles, New Orleans and New York in times of crisis and these situations were repeatedly pursued by waves of looting and other anti-social actions. It did not take long for the criminal components to act from the very minute that the established structure started to break down. These elements of our society often go to work immediately as soon as they hear that law enforcement is no longer a phone call away.

In a future survival situation it is likely that this change may not materialize instantly but rather would evolve over a short period of time, say 72 hours. We are apt to witness an increase in crime level that is proportional to the amount of time that the crisis continues. Crimes such as looting will tend to start rather quickly.

I am amazed that you often view people running from the furniture stores with large televisions even though the television stations may no longer be in a capacity to broadcast. Initially the criminal element will be more concerned about material items then necessities such as food and water. This interest will wean later when they realize that they can not possibly eat the large screen TV they just ripped off from their friends business down the street.

Initially assaults both sexual and nonsexual will be on the increase although not to the point of complete mayhem since at this point in time our law enforcement personnel would likely still be on the job and functioning as trained. Of course we can expect at some point this will no doubt show great deteriorate. In the smaller locations with less population it is possible that these situations may not take place at all or will do so on a lesser degree since people will be more prepared and better able to enforce the laws with whatever actions may be required.

In approximately a month or so the situation may show great deterioration as more and more law enforcement personnel desert their job in favor of securing their families safety. Those who remain on duty will no longer be able to enforce the laws as needed and will ultimately forsake their position as well.

We also at this time experience a dramatic increase in the predator population. In any emergency you have those people in our society that will take advantage of others. In this case the victims will most likely be women and children. Naturally, if you are prepared to defend yourself against these social leaches there will likely be no need to explain yourself for the death of a would be rapist or killer. In all reality who would actually care.

Peer pressure normally controls to some extent the actions and behavior of a relatively small quantity of predatory types. This instilled fear from the resulting consequences of their actions however seems to disappear once they realize that there is a lack of law enforcement authority. With no moral controls around it boils down to basically survival of the fittest. This unfortunately leaves one alternative. You will need to replace the fear of one consequence with another.

In a case where the attacker is interested in obtaining a woman it is likely that a dead woman would be of no use to him however the same thoughts are not necessarily those that would be mimicked by the person being attacked. Motive is a great factor in trying to figure out your enemy’s intent. Food on the other hand leaves no doubt in our mind that the ultimate recourse of the attacker would be your demise. Situations such as these will ultimately lead to the establishment of a gang related culture in order for the predators to have some sort of mutual protection and companionship. This makes them doubly dangerous.

In the long term I believe that you will see the rise of predators once the law enforcement section of our society collapses. Women and children will at that time be considered a commodity as would cigarettes or toilet paper. Society has implanted certain social standards into our make up and those predators may only be a relatively small percentile of our total population but as little as 5 to 10 percent can create great havoc for those who try to follow respectable standards. Studies have shown that only 10 percent of our population tend to commit over 90 percent of the current crimes.

Although there is no immediate answer here that I can recommend I would however suggest that one be especially prepared if they have women and children in their survival group. Take all security precautions that you can. Life will be different and we have to learn to survive.

Copyright @2009 Joseph Parish

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