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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How To Reinforce An Entry Door

Author: MathiasJ
Website: Kentucky Preppers Network

Your home is something that needs to be secure and safe. One of the most important factors in the security of your home is the strength of the entry doors. Burglars who break into homes look for the quickest and easiest way. Most doors can be kicked down with 3 kicks, and in 3 - 5 minutes the criminal is in and out. If a criminal is unable to take down the door with 3 kicks they will usually move onto the next house. With the average police response time at 20 minutes, it's important to make sure your doors are secure.

Whether in a bug in situation or just wanting to keep criminals out it's important to secure your doors. For starters, entry doors need to be solid wood or metal doors with little to no glass and feature a quality deadbolt. Glass might be pretty and decorative but it does nothing for your security. Glass is easily broken and can allow a criminal to get right in. The door frame itself is something that needs to be closely inspected. Most contractors skimp when it comes to securing the door frame to the wall and this can be a critical weak point in the door. The deadbolt might hold but if the frame doesn't hold it comes down just as easy. If you don't think the contractor used enough screws, get some 3 inch wood screws and add them all around the frame.

A beefed up striker plate should also be added along with 3 inch wood screws. Most stock hardware comes with weak 1 inch screws. Replace these with 3 inch wood screws that go all the way into the wall framing. Do the same for the hinges. Replace all the stock screws on the hinges with 3 inch wood screws for added strength. Additionally a door lock guard and striker plate guard can also be purchased to further reinforce the lock from coming out of the door itself and keeping the deadbolt inside the door frame.

A reinforced entry door isn't going to hold up to a battering ram, but could buy you some time and allow you and your family to get to a safe room and get yourself armed. These are some simple and cheap tips that can be used on any door at all entry points of the house. Protecting your home and family should be the number one priority and making sure the doors are secure is the first step in securing their safety.

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