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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don’t Let Dehydration Fool You

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Being dehydrated is a condition that I suspect many people are in, and don’t even know it. Mild dehydration has happened to me enough times to recognize it by particular symptoms that I will begin to get. It has likely happened to you too, but you were not aware of the underlying cause.
I have found that mild muscle aches, a general feeling of mild soreness along with feeling a bit out of energy and a bit ‘foggy’, is often a clue that I need to refill my tank with water – that is, drink some more water! It doesn’t have to be scorching hot outside for you to lose a surprising amount of water from your system. It can readily happen during the winter too.
I have found that when I recognize the symptoms and then realize that I’ve been exerting myself to the point of not having replenished enough water, or simply have been too busy and focused on other things to think about drinking some water throughout the day, it doesn’t take long after I drink several glasses of water that I start to feel better. It is amazing the difference being ‘hydrated’ can make to your well being.
I happened across a short article today from ‘the Berkey Guy’ (one of our Sponsors) regarding dehydration signs and symptoms, which inspired me to emphasize the condition here on our blog as well. I am personally convinced that an alarming number of folks walk around in a permanent state of semi-dehydration. Did you also know that the older you get, the less that your body ‘tells you’ to drink water? (so, be aware of this!)

Oh, also, drinking coffee, soda, or alcohol will NOT hydrate you.
This isn’t a message that you will often here from the health community, who would rather sell you Advil’s, Tylenol’s, etc.
So the next time you feel a little ‘blah’, before reaching for that bottle of pain relievers, try drinking several glasses of water, then wait and see how much better you may feel shortly afterward.

Dehydration – More Common Than You Think

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