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Monday, October 17, 2011

Essential Hand Tools Without Electricity

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Lets talk tools. Nearly everyone who is handy, or able to fix things, already has their own supply of various tools to get the job done. There are tools for every trade, many of them specialized for a particular task while others are general purpose. Many tools require power to operate – be it your typical AC wall outlet or today’s more common built-in DC battery pack.
When considering the adequacy of your tool chest for a time of, or following a disaster, or simply for your overall survival preparedness, I wonder how many of us really have what we may need? Think about the number-one requirement for many of our tools… electricity. So, what if there is no electricity for a time? What then?

Alternate power sources
For those with alternative energy sources will do alright provided that the work to be done is right there near your power source for charging or direct access. You might have an array of solar panels with an inverter installed at your home. Or more common, you may own a portable generator. You will fare well so long as you have fuel.

Muscle power
How about hand tools powered the old fashioned way… with muscle power – elbow grease.
Hand tools for a few basic essential categories come to mind…

cutting, drilling, nailing, screwing, gripping and twisting

Hand Saws
Keep a selection of hand saws for various purposes. Some are designed to cut through tree limbs while others are designed for cutting traditional framing lumber, plywood, etc., while still others are designed for cutting through metal or plastics.
The Bow Saw (I own this one) is perfect for slicing through tree limbs. Don’t forget to keep an extra blade or two.

A Hand Saw like this one which I also own, is perfect for cutting through nearly any wood.
I also own this Carpentry Saw, and am amazed at it’s speed while slicing through any wood.
A must-have is a Hack Saw to cut through metals and plastics. Again, don’t forget extra blades.
Although a Chain Saw (I own this one too) requires gasoline (they also make electric chainsaw’s), it is certainly an essential saw for many disaster situations – clearing downed trees, branches. Treat it with great respect – they are dangerous.

I own both of the following hand drills, and have used them many times for quick tasks.
1/4-Inch Hand Drill
Power Grip Hand Drill
I want to get this one next… Ratchet Brace

A traditional hammer as well as a sledge hammer will serve their purpose.

Your typical 16 ounce Claw Hammer will suffice in most situations requiring this sort of tool.
A 3 pound sledge hammer is small enough, but yet heavy enough to drive ground stakes, demolition, etc.

A good quality Screwdriver Set is essential. Be sure to get ‘hardened’.

A precision screwdriver set is perfect for very small applications and is another must-have to gain access to many devices with very small screws.

Nuts and Bolts, Gripping and Twisting
No doubt that you will at some point need to loosen, tighten, or install a bolt of one fashion or another. This 99 Piece Stanely Socket Set should get you through most circumstances.
Another tool that I’ve used countless times for countless tasks is the Pipe Wrench. Keep two on hand, one to grip the piece and the other to twist the mating connection.

What basic kit would be without Channellock pliers or a good ‘ol Crescent Wrench?

OK, hopefully these very few ideas got you to thinking about what you have.
As you know, there are a zillion types of tools out there which would take a thick book to document. For starters, think about your mechanical skill set, and imagine trying to utilize those skills without any source of power. Do you have the tools that you need?
…food for thought

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