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Monday, October 3, 2011

Tools for Survival - The Machete

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A machete is the probably the best and most versatile tool you can have in the outdoors or when camping or traveling in a wilderness area. Over a long period of time, the machete has proven itself useful time and time again as one of the main tools for survival in countries around the world. When you need to cut something, a machete will most definitely meet any need that arises. A machete can be used to harvest crops, cut a trail, build a shelter, cut firewood or as a very formidable weapon for use as protection against predators.

Machetes usually come in different lengths that range anywhere from 16 inches (i.e., kukri, etc.) to as much as 28 or 30 inches (i.e, cane knives, etc.). The shape and design of the actual blade varies greatly depending upon the type and style of machete. Larger and heavier varieties will allow you to cut heavier vines and bigger trees with less work and effort on your part than smaller versions. Most come with a rough edge but with a little file work can be made razor sharp. Heavier machetes with longer blades are also available in two-handed versions for easier use in chopping and cutting.

In Brazil, the machete is also called "facão" or "facón” and literally means “big knife”. In a survival situation, having a “big knife” is definitely a plus for your survival.

Got “big knife”?

Staying above the water line!


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