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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Definition of Survival Preparedness

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Survival Preparedness is a process or a condition of being prepared to survive.
To Survive. The phrase could be taken literally – that is, to stay alive. The words, ‘to survive’, could also be interpreted less literally – more like staying healthy or healthier than otherwise.
In the context of survival preparedness, some will describe this notion to its very basic core – like the ability to survive in the wilderness without any modern help whatsoever, you are on your own, life and death circumstances, black and white. Others will describe survival preparedness more-or-less in the context of living within today’s modern society parameters, and utilizing the modern tools available today in order to prepare or be prepared for various problems that may occur tomorrow.
What I’m trying to convey is that there are some ‘survival preparedness’ folks that are more hard-core than others and I’ve noticed that the movement has been coined with two labels in an apparent attempt to delineate their core values. I’m not so sure that I agree with labels and definitions, knowing that there are all sorts of ‘shades of gray’, but having said that, the two labels are Survivalists and Preppers.
Survivalists are the hard core while the Preppers are the soft core. Again, I do not agree with the labeling here, but the fact is that it exists.

The Prepper is thought of as someone who is fully functioning within the system of modern society, preparing for minor disruptions that may come their way, while the Survivalist is considered to be on the edge, perhaps already hunkered down in their bunker or survival retreat – ready for Armageddon.
As in all walks of life, there are truly the extremes, and lots of in-between. When it comes to survival preparedness, I believe that the spectrum is all pretty much OK, so long as it’s within the law of the land.
Since there are so very many different types of people, personalities, skills, and interests, there will likewise be a multitude of variety when it comes to how one prepares, and what they are preparing for. People will interpret risks differently from one another and people will be in varying vicinities of the risk themselves. Some face much higher risk than others based on their geographical location, their occupation, their own current financial and preparedness situation, etc.
Personally, I think that it’s great how more and more ordinary folks are waking up and realizing that things are not all Rosy out there and that there are very real risks facing us all as the world’s economic systems are teetering on the brink of failure while the rumor of wars fill the air.
There will always be ‘newbies’ to survival preparedness and there will always be veterans of the same. There’s room for everyone.
Just remember this… by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Interpret it as you will. Be prepared…

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1 comment:

  1. There are also homesteaders, off-grid'ers, bushcrafters...

    Within the various communities there are a variety if interests, concerns, and skills.

    A person who camps a lot, perhaps tracks and hunts, takes interest in wilderness survival and field first aid is NOT necessarily the same sort of survivalist that caches food and ammunition.

    A "prepper" can range from someone who lives in hurricane or tornado-prone areas, all the way up to people with a fully-stocked fallout shelter.

    Some people want to be more self sufficient (or self-reliant), others want to detach from the grid and "plugged-in" society.

    Basically, even among the categories there are shades and variations.