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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wiping your butt after TSHTF……

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Yup….you read that right. Wiping your butt after TSHTF.
I don’t think I have every really seen it discussed – but guess what: The bombs can fall, the EMP can burst, and the economy can crash – and people will still have to….err….umm……”go?”.
This is going to be tough to write.
Here in the United States toilet paper (TP from now on) is the typical method of choice for cleansing one-self after…..uh….yeah. All over the world practices differ from spraying jets of water, to pouring water, to wiping with the bare left hand. No doubt other methods exist – some of which I am sure I do not want to know about. Regardless – in a disaster or survival situation wiping the…..excess….will still need to be done.

As we are all preppers we must consider not just the “What if?” but the “How we gonna do that?”  I recently had posted about stockpiling toilet paper and actually received some negative responses that TP should not be a priority. Depending upon the situation at hand – having TP would certainly lessen the impact of a major lifestyle change. Think about your children and how they may have to adapt to life without power, hot showers, or a local drive-thru. I think stocking up on TP to ease that transition is not a waste. Of course – you can only stock so much TP.
A like-minded friend – we’ll call him Steve – mentioned to me that he really likes to use the flushable wet wipes to….. uh….you know. I really am not sure how in the world we got on the subject of his wiping preferences (disturbing I know). I am not too proud to admit that based on his advice I gave them a shot and it was positive. They do a better job than TP. His theory is that less can be used “per event” and due to the small storage footprint a lot can be stocked up on.

Long-term methods for….here we go again…..”cleaning”…..can vary. “Flushing” the targeted area with water certainly can help. The old adage of using leaves can work. Regarding leaves – use green leaves that are very much alive. The use of dried up dead leaves may make the “situation” much worse. Of course….watch out for poison ivy.

Worse come to worse…..grab a squirrel.

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  1. When stocking the wet wipes and such, make sure to use what you store, because despite the sealed packaging, over time, mine have always dried out in storage. Go figure. It happens with the kitchen wipes, and handiwipes, all of them.

  2. For my BOB, i took the cardboard tube out of the center of the roll and then vacuum sealed the whole roll. It barely takes up any space, and this certainly may be used for stocking up on TP without taking a lot of space.