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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do Preppers Have a Propensity To Be Gloomy?

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Preppers make preparations for a reason – they see a need to prepare. They see potential threats to their survival. They recognize the fragility of the social structure that we depend on. But there are threats everywhere all the time. Why do preppers become fixated on these threats to their livelihoods while the majority of others seem content to either ignore them or accept them as a fact of life. Do preppers have a propensity to be gloomy?
When you go out with friends are you a Debbie Downer? The one that kills fun conversations with scary news bits about disease, famine and pending asteroid strikes? If so, you might be a prepper.
The daylight savings time change happened. Now many people are leaving work in the dark, missing the bulk of the day’s rejuvenation sunshine. If you’re a prepping Debbie Downer, it may be time for a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) lamp. Ask for one for Christmas, because your propensity toward gloom and doom may get reduced during the winter months further.

Or is this assessment even accurate? I’d like to see a professionally conducted survey on prepper’s and their mindset, then dig down into the findings. When two people read the same news, see the same realities, what makes one decide to take preparations while the other chooses to carry on as though it doesn’t matter?
Perhaps preppers are not gloomy, but hopeful. Perhaps they see hope through preparations ….. ?
I don’t have the answer to these questions, but it does make me curious. The longer I take part in and engage with the prepper community, the more I wonder what makes them (us) tick. Why ARE we different? What is causing us to do certain things that we think others should as well, others that are getting exposed to the same information we are.
I’m not inclined to think I’m a Debbie Downer. I see beauty in fall’s colors and winter’s snow. I don’t fixate on only the bad news. I joke, I laugh. But why am I pessimistic enough about society’s ability to weather a serious “event” while others could care less? Does it just mean I’m being proactive? Or do I have Debbie Downer tendencies I don’t want to admit? I don’t think I do, but I know that fixating only on the negative, as I believe some preppers do, can be dangerous to your health.
How do you think preppers are in terms Debbie Downerness? Are we more fixated on the negative than the general population?
- Ranger Man

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