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Sunday, November 13, 2011

How To Cure Hams

Original Article

For each ham of twelve pounds weight, you will need this much ingredients.

Two pounds of common salt

2 ounces of saltpeter(Potassium nitrate)

1/4 pound of bay salt (Salt which has been obtained from sea water (Sea Salt))

1/4 pound of coarse sugar

Grind this up to a very fine powder. Using your hands (Gloves too), rub the hams thoroughly.Then place them in a deep pan, and add a wine-glass of good vinegar. Turn the hams every day; for the first three or four days. Continue to rub them well with the brine. After that, you can just ladle over the ham. Pickle in this solution for three weeks. When pickling is complete, put them in bags of brown paper and then smoke them with wood smoke for three weeks. (See my older post.)Take care, and See You On The Other Side (SYOTOS). – Jiske-h (Ghost)

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