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Thursday, July 22, 2010

10 Insanely Useful Preparedness Items

Here's ten things you should always have on hand in the event of an emergency:
  1. Duct Tape. I could elaborate but someone already has written a book about the many hundreds of uses for duct tape.
  2. A thumb drive. Many uses...carry your files with you, transfer files to someone else, carry computer programs on it as well.
  3. Zipties. Good for securing the zippers of your luggage, handcuffing someone, and many other things.
  4. A smart phone. Either a Droid or iPhone can give you a platform for hundreds of useful apps in addition to phone service and internet access.
  5. A pocket knife. I have carried one with me since my granddad gave me my first knife at about 10 years old. Dozens of uses.
  6. Access to the internet. There is literally nothing you can't learn if you have access to the internet.
  7. Floss. I carry a flat thing of Glide floss with me at all times. Aside from its original purpose this can be used for sewing, tying things up, for a snare...the list is long.
  8. Cash. I have known places that won't take checks or credit cards but have yet to run into any business/person where cash can't be used as a negotiable instrument.
  9. Bleach. Can be used for its usual purpose (when washing clothes), to purify water, for cleaning and sanitizing, and can even be used to make a bomb...
  10. Matches or a lighter. Fire is a pretty basic preparedness item.

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