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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lightning Safety tips

Thunderstorms are very common ... in fact, at any given moment, nearly 2,000 thunderstorms can be in progress over the face of the earth. Lightning always comes with a thunderstorm since that is what causes the thunder. If you’ve ever heard someone say lightning never strikes the same place twice… WRONG! Lightning often strikes the same place several times during one storm.

In the United States, there are an estimated 25 million lightning flashes each year. During the past 30 years, lightning killed an average of 58 people per year. This is higher than 57 deaths per year caused by tornadoes and average 48 deaths to hurricanes.

Did you know...

...Lightning Safety Week is June 20-26, 2010?!

...lightning can travel 60 miles or more, often extending up to 10 miles away from the cloud that formed it?! Generally, however, a bolt travels 10 miles or less.

...the temperatures of a bolt may reach 50,000F ... 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun?! is estimated that there may be as many as 100 lightning strikes around the globe each second creating a continuous power of about 4,000,000,000 kilowatts of energy?!

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Above photos from NOAA NWS Lightning page and NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

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