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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stealth Security - Diversion Safes

Most criminals are opportunists. They will take any advantage they can get to turn your home into the local “grab and go” whenever possible. Their only real enemy when you’re away from home is time. They know they have just minutes to grab your valuables and get out. There are numerous ways to keep your valuables Simply Safes. One of the best ways is to use diversion safes.

Diversion safes are a simple way to hide small and valuable items from the local “grab and go” experts should they decide to pay you a visit while you’re away from home. They can be purchased ready made for those who don’t have the time or inclination to make their own. You can also make your own diversion safes quite easily. They are usually simple or common items that have no apparent value or ones that create little or no interest as far as monetary value. They will most likely be unnoticed by the “grab and go” crowd..

Most burglars will be looking for small, easily carried and high value items that will be easy to pawn and fetch a higher price. Making a diversion safe out of your digital camera probably wouldn’t be a very good idea. If you do use something like a book as a diversion safe, make sure it’s not the only one on the shelf. You should also avoid the old spy movie trick of using an envelope taped under a drawer. The “grab and go” experts have probably seen that movie as well. There are numerous other items and ways that can be used to create a diversion safe without much effort.

What are the elements to creating a good diversion safe? First it should be an ordinary household item. This will draw little or no attention from the “grab and go” guys. It should also be small enough to be easily hidden and yet large enough to hold several small valuables. If you use air-tight and water-tight containers this will allow the best protection for your valuables and give you a wider range for hiding your valuables. Any type of diversion safe should also allow you quick access and be easily transported if necessary. Any type of small container hidden inside a larger one can create a simple diversion safe. The main point is to divert the attention of the “grab and go” bunch from your high value items. Don’t make it easy for them to make you a victim!

So the next time you grab that bottle of ketchup and wonder why it’s slow coming out of the bottle, perhaps there is a zip lock baggie full of hundred dollars bills hidden inside that may be slowing the flow!

Got diversion safes for security?

Staying above the water line!


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