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Friday, July 23, 2010

Garden Seeds for Storage…Food For Everyone Foundation

As with everything good once someone does something well everyone jumps on the band wagon. This is exactly what has happened with seeds for long term storage. They are everywhere and can be very expensive, very expensive. I received my seeds from the Food For Everyone Foundation and they are wonderful. They were the least expensive I could find and are the best quality. What a perfect combination! So, while it may be past planting time for this year it is a good time to consider what you are doing to make sure you can plant next year if we happen to be involved in a natural disaster or you are involved in a personal one.

The seeds are non hybrid variety seeds which means I can save seeds from one crop to become the seeds for the next crop, perfect when we are talking about EMP attacks and disasters which could cause our society to be shaken to the point that all the things we run to the store to pick up are no longer there. With non hybrid seeds you could save seeds and feed your family forever!
There are 16 varieties including favorites like peas, corn, beans and tomatoes. There are staples such as lettuce, spinach and onions. Let’s not forget squash zucchini, cucumbers, peppers,chard, cabbage, radishes and beets.
The seeds come packaged in a resealable foil pouch. Perfect if you have a small space for your garden and left over seeds. There are even suggestions and tips for planting location, soil modification and moisture control.
There are guidelines for planning and harvesting every individual seed type. They outline when to plant, how long until germination,how far apart to space rows, when to thin and more.
The best part of all is that your purchase goes to support the Food For Everyone Foundation.

The Food For Everyone foundation was established as a 501©(3) public charitable foundation in 1998 to carry on the seminal vegetable gardening work of Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider.  The foundation’s stated mission is “teaching the world to grow food one family at a time.”  To this end the Mittleider vegetable gardening books have been digitized and made available as a searchable database as well as digital downloads; almost all of Dr. Mittleider’s 86 gardening training videos have been improved, digitized, and made available on CD ROM.  Free gardening seminars are conducted, and assistance is given to humanitarian projects wherever possible. Click on the Food For Everyone Foundation under BlogRoll on this page to check them out.
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