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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Free Download - Water Treatment Primer

Natural Water Source

Being thirsty can be powerful motivation when it comes to needing water. Most people think of food first and water second. In actuality, you will need water long before you will need food. Knowing how to properly treat your water to make it safe for use is an essential part of being prepared. Here is a free download in PDF format that covers many of the essential items you will need to know to properly treat and store your water.

It also includes instructions for making a DIY stove stop still to distill your water or a slow sand filter. It also includes help on diagnosing many different kinds of problems that may occur with your water supply. This 1.8MB download is 37 pages of very useful information.

Download the Water Treatment Primer here:

Water Treatment Primer.PDF (1.8MB)

Staying above the water treatment line!

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