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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Homemade Moose Call

I've mentioned many times I admire those that come to Alaska with little or nothing to carve out a life for themselves in the wilderness. Putting up meat for the winter is big part of surviving that first winter and this little trick may help. In the picture below are two Moose calls. On the left is a Moose Magnet made locally here in Wasilla and cost about 40 dollars. The maker also has some good videos on its use as well. It's a great product but I assume you have better things to spend your money on and the one on the right is homemade and made from old shoestrings and a number 10 can. I had always made them before from old coffee cans but could not find one and while not as thin worked just as well.

All you do is drill a hole in center of the bottom of can, tie a knot in the end of the string, thread it through hole in can so it can't pull through. I like to use large flat shoe strings and others use leather but just about any string will work. To use, wet string and pull between finger and thumb pinched tightly together. Short pulls make grunts and long pulls for cow calls. The further away from can you pull string the deeper the call. It's loud, sound carries well and can be directed just like the store bought calls. You can fill it with water and pour into a lake to simulate cows urinating. The only advantage the Moose magnet has is using it to increase your hearing by sticking it to your ear or raking trees but you can always use a stick or old antlers for that. The big advantage it has is simulating moose call better than I can with my voice. Well that and the cost. Give it try this fall.

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