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Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Preparedness Resources—The Food Storage Calculator and Free Disaster Guidebook from The 7 Store

It’s been quite a while since I’ve mentioned The 7 Store, but they’ve got a huge variety of preparedness products and resources for you. They manufacture, package and ship storage food from their own warehouses, so you know what you’re getting is fresh. Speaking of storage food, they’ve got a nifty storage food calculator on their site. If you’ve been wondering how many pounds of rice, beans, honey, etc. you need to set by to have a year’s supply, the food storage calculator is what you need.
You can go to The 7 Store’s site by clicking on the banner for them below. From any page on their site, click the Food Storage Calculator link on the sidebar to the left. On the page that comes up, simply enter the number of people in your household and click “Calculate.” You’ll see the numbers filled in on the chart.
If this food storage calculator is helpful for you, leave a comment here and let others know.
Another resource I want to draw to your attention today is the free Disaster Guidebook. Do you know the 7 Steps to Preparedness? Do you know how to prepare for an emergency or disaster? This emergency guidebook has emergency checklists, preparedness tips, and a lot more.
You can download the Disaster Guidebook for free on your computer or purchase a copy in print. It’s very inexpensive. Plus, you have the opportunity to buy multiple copies for friends, coworkers, church groups, or whatever else you may have in mind for getting the word out about preparedness for survival.
The page where you get the Disaster Guidebook shows the ctable of contents, but in a nutshell, here are the 7 Steps to Preparedness:
1. Create a Plan of Action and Know what to do.
2. Prepare items for Quick Action
3. Preparing for up to 1 year
4. Long Term – Self Sufficiency
5. Complete Preparedness – Review your situation…
6. Recovery – Learn the steps taken to return to normal life.
7. Mitigate- Actions taken to prevent or reduce the effects of future disasters.
To download the free Disaster guidebook, click on the banner below, and click on the link for Disaster Guidebook on the left sidebar. You’ll be taken to the page where it’s featured. Download a copy, buy a copy or two, or both. Take advantage of the valuable information you get from both the Food Storage Calculator and the free Disaster guidebook. It’s easy. Get to either one from the sidebar on the left side of the page at The 7 Store. Do it today and you’ll be one step closer to preparedness for tomorrow.

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