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Monday, May 11, 2009

Audio Podcast: Do You Hide Who You Are

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If you listen to this podcast you are probabally a survivalist on one level or another. Some are simple homesteader types that live in the country and try to be self sufficient. Some are more the sterotype and into beans, bullets and bandaids. Still others live in urban areas, work typical jobs and just make sure they have some extra food, supplies, etc around incase something goes wrong.

My question though is “do you hide who you are”? Clearly I can’t, by doing this show I must put myself out there.

Yesterday this show and I were featured in the Sunday Edition of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. The article prompted a lot of questions from listeners such as “is it really wise to tell people you prep”? Today’s show discusses that issue and many others stirred up by the article.

If you want to comment on this today is a day where you really may want to listen to the audio of the show first.


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