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Friday, May 8, 2009

Audio Podcast: Developing the Survival Skills Kit - Part 1

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Today we discuss some true “survival skills” that are often over looked or taken for granted. Unlike a “survival kit” which can be lost, stolen, forgotten, used up, etc, your skills are always with you. Today we won’t be discussing wilderness skills, truly primitive skills or the classic survial skills that are popular in forums. Instead we discuss the skills that can save lives, improve survival and increase quality of life in tough times that are often left out of such discussions.

Tune in Today as we Discuss…

  • The skill of building, carpentry, etc.
  • Learning to negotiate, no one looses in a good negotiation
  • The skill of problem solving - how to encourage it
  • Walking - I am not kidding tune in to the podcast to hear what I mean
  • The guy with the skills kit is the Special Forces in the PAW
  • How to communicate with the panicked and make them part of the solution rather then part of the problem
  • Navigational skills - I am talking basic map reading and drawing here
  • My son’s solution to bad drivers - I am so proud!

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