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Friday, May 15, 2009

Audio Podcast: Life Long Lessons from the Garden

icon for podpress Episode-186- Life Long Lessons from the Garden [39:34m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

This is an updated version of a show I originally did back on July 24th, 2008 this time I have expanded it to be even more in depth. Today as we go over 10 crops and 10 lessons that we can teach kids with a garden that are priceless beyond words. Tune in today to learn…

  • How Radishes and Greens teach that what we do now matters
  • How to use beans and peas to teach kids how plants “help” each other
  • How Tomatoes, Squash and Peppers can build a community and teach sharing
  • How Potatoes and Carrots teach that what you don’t see matters
  • How Pumpkins teach us to create our own entertainment

With Gardening in General we talk about…

  • How gardening teaches kids that food does not come from a store
  • That the life in a seed applies to the entire world
  • How the earth should be seen as a provider not a “resource”
  • That hard work pays off
  • That you can take care of yourself and others

We need to realize that survival preparedness is best done by blending it with life on a day to day basis. To survive we need to also ensure the survival of the next generations. Today we will discover how a garden can build a new generation of Americans that value hard work, seek self sufficiency, have planning and know what they do matters.


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