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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drying Garlic

There are several ways to store garlic. A method I prefer is to dry it. I have grown garlic, but not enough to get us through the year so I wait until the store has a sale and load up. I then begin the drying process.
Here are the cloves peeled, and ready to be sliced.

Here are the cloves sliced. I cover these with a muslin style pillow case I made just for drying. I use the ice cream lids for my "plates" to dry on. In New Mexico it takes about 12 hours sitting on a window ledge to dry out. I then store the dried pieces in a jar.

I save the outer paper skins and toss them to the chickens. Nothing goes to waste on a garlic. So what does drying garlic have to do with prepping? Understanding how to preserve foods is critical in living in times where you are trying to become self sufficient. The time to learn how to preserve foods is before you NEED to know how to.

The benefits of garlic are incredible. Check out this link on the nutritional value of garlic.


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