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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Audio Podcast: Planning vs Paranoia

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The more I talk to the media the more I am realizing how deep the belief that survivalists are paranoids is in the average person. This is simply as gently as I can put it moronic. Is it paranoid to have life insurance? Is it paranoid to wear a seat belt? Is it paranoid to keep an eye on your kids while they play? If not why is it paranoid to take personal responsiblity for yourself and understand that at times things go wrong?

Tune in today to hear…

  • My continuing struggle with the media
  • A bit more on the twits that think I am making a huge mistake by admitting to being a prepper
  • What your own power is and why it should make you act in confidence vs in fear
  • The ability to plan and survive is a universal human constant
  • If property is over price in your area don’t buy it, move, yep I said it
  • What happens to you if you try to take a child away from his mother and what that teaches us
  • Why making basic human responses into something “amazing” by the media is robbing people of their own power
  • Your inner voice, it will never shut up, so you better listen to it
  • What humans can do about disaster that no other known entity can
  • Why disaster commonality is so important

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