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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prepping and DIY

(originally posted at the CPN)

One part of prepping that often gets overlooked is DIY.

We're all stocking our pantries with several months worth of food, we keep adding to our first-aid kits, we are learning how to grow our own food and keep our eyes open for deals on ammo. But in the event of SHTF, natural disaster or an outbreak of a deadly virus - have we prepped enough to become as self-sufficient as possible?

The more DIY projects we start and master now - the better it will be for us all down the road!

Starting up some weekly DIY projects now will help you to prepare for SHTF in the long run but in the short term, DIY can help you save money, learn new and useful skills, re-purpose and re-use items that you may already have (or find in someone else's garbage) AND help you become more self-sufficient. All it takes is a little motivation, eagerness and, well a little help!

The Internet is an excellent source for a variety of DIY sites and projects; however, today I share with you what just might be the absolute best internet site for DIY - Instructables !!!

The site has articles and step-by-step instructions for almost anything you can imagaine! Whether you want to fix your tractor engine, build a new chicken coop or generate your own electricity - this is the place to go! The site is free to join and allows you to tag your favourite DIYs, post instructions for your own DIYs and provides downloadable PDF instructions for all projects - did I remember to mention that it's FREE?

So, to whet your appetites, here are a few of the many DIY projects to be found:

Build a Greenhouse from old windows

Awesome storage containers from Water Bottles

Compost bin from old shipping palettes

A windmill from aluminum flashing and a bicycle wheel

Repairing cordless drill packs

Soldering, soldering and soldering!!!

A lawn mower made from a drill

How to replace an alternator

Pop-bottle herb garden

How to build a rain barrel

How to build a rainwater collector

Build a 60-watt Solar Panel

So need I say more? Well yes - I probably should point out that the site contains a variety of great recipes, arts and crafts projects for your kids, DIY projects for both inside and outside of the home - everything you can imagine!

So check it out - you'll be glad that you did! And then share your favourite DIYs with others on the network!

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