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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gotta get me one of these!

As a trucker you can certainly imagine the trouble it is for me to park a big rig with 53 feet of trailer in a safe location when nature calls. Sometimes It can be a good 50 miles or so to the next rest stop. It's not like I can pull into any gas station or convenience store like a car can do....well Phil at Utah Preppers has the solution...Check this out, He scored an awesome group buy deal on the GottaGo toilette It's an emergency, portable toilette that's completely disposable and biodegradable. Even the bags can be safely buried. A must have for any prepper, camper, hunter or fisherman....Hey ever been out in the middle of a lake fishing and have an emergency? Sure you can lean over the edge of the boat untill a big wake comes by and throws you into the water...but not with this! Check it out! and Give a Big Shout out for Phil for finding this deal. Let's Recognize Utah Preppers as the Preppers of the week this week.

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