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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Third Half - Air

This is the third half of the blog post on guns.

Oxygen or Air
When I was doing some research about building and supplying a blast shelter, I looked at supplying air to a closed air tight shelter. One of my sources suggested using oxygen cylinders to supply oxygen (O2). The cylinders would be stored under the floor of a steel tank.

I thought, a good idea because I can obtain O2 cylinders from a local welding supply house, cheap.

Until, I was watching television, one night.

The show, I was watching, was about the early United States space program. During the show, the narrator talked about the Apollo One disaster and the resulting accident review board.

According to the review board, one of the reasons LTC Virgil I. Grissom, USAF; LTC Edward H. White, II, USAF; and LTC Roger B. Chaffee, USN died was because 100% oxygen was used as their air supply. This 100% oxygen atmosphere allowed fire to spread rapidly in the command module.

So, guess what?

No, pure oxygen as a shelter air supply. We will use regular air, just like most SCUBA divers.

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