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Friday, December 11, 2009

Water is important, but how does it effect your hygiene?

If you're anything like me, you love a hot shower in the morning. It's both refreshing and hygienic. Have you ever thought about how showering will effect your hygiene in a disaster? Lets say the grid is down and your water isn't running. Sure you've got water stored for just such a situation but some things you just can't do as often if you don't know how long the water is not flowing. I know I am not using water to bathe as often if the water isn't running locally because my water is precious!

Now think beyond just hygiene to keeping your home clean. Back in the 90s we didn't have many wipe style cleaners and such. Now we've got all kinds of stuff that can help us save water in emergencies to keep ourselves and our homes clean! Items like Lysol wipes and Wet Ones will help you keep your home clean and body somewhat hygienic while the water isn't flowing. I think you'll still want to bathe but to maintain your hygiene and keep yourself from starting to get bacteria and body odor but to maintain this cleanliness between bathing Wet Ones work great! Wet ones can be used on surfaces as well so my personal prepping plan is stocking up on plenty of Wet Ones since they can be used on my body and on surfaces. Lysol Wipes are great and I do keep several containers of them in my apartment but I like the diversity of Wet Ones.

So the moral here is to keep as many of your prep items multiple use as possible. That greatly diversifies what you can do in an emergency or even just a plain old grid down all the way to a national level disaster. It's always great to have options, this is why items with multiple purpose as possible.

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