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Friday, December 4, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Preppers - Safe Knife Usage

Re-post courtesy Riverwalker's Stealth Survival

Like any good tool, a knife can be a valuable part of your equipment. Making sure you can use that tool safely will make it even more valuable. Here are a few tips for using your knife safely.

Tips for Safely Using A Knife

1.) Make sure the knife is the right kind for the intended use. Check for any damage to your knife. If it’s damaged, be safe and use a different knife or buy a new one.

2.) Take care of your knife. Keep it clean and keep it sharp. A sharp knife is an efficient knife and more useful than a knife with a dull blade.

3.) Always close or sheath your knife when not in use. Don’t leave your knife lying around where an exposed blade could cause an unexpected injury.

4.) Stabbing or shoving your knife into the ground is a perfect way to damage your knife. Don’t do it!

5.) Make sure the cutting area is clear of obstructions and other people. This will ensure that any travel from a slipped blade will not hit anything or anyone causing an unexpected injury.

6.) Always cut away from yourself. Make sure no parts of your body are in the path of the blade should it slip or do something unexpected.

7.) Avoid lending your knife to anyone unless they are familiar with the safe use of knives.

8.) Except in emergency situations, don’t use your knife if the lighting conditions are poor or if it is too dark to safely see what you are cutting.

9.) Never attempt to catch a falling knife. This is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

10.) Don’t throw your knife at anything or to anyone! This will most probably result in damaging your knife or seriously injuring someone.

Remember, safety is no accident!

Staying above the water line!


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