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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Second Half - Food

This is the second half of the blog about food. You will find videos/podcasts, instructions, and other information about the subject for this week.


Long Term Food Storage-Part 1

Long Term Food Storage-Part 2

How to Seal Mylar Bags with a Clothes Iron

Mormon Women Teach About Food Storage-Part One

Mormon Women Teach About Food Storage-Part Two

Dry Pack Canning (No Music)

Packing Buckets with Wendy Mae-Part 1

Packing Buckets with Wendy Mae-Part 2

Survival Podcast - Container Gardening for the Urban Survivalist


How to Open a Can without a Can Opener

First, find a rough piece of concrete, like a sidewalk or driveway.

Second, turn the can upside down then rub the top of the can on the concrete. Rub until you have worked through the seal on top of the can.

Be very careful as you rub the can on the concrete, you don't want to unexpectedly open the can spilling the contents on the ground.

Just so you know, someone else worked this idea out.

Other Information:

Can Openers
If you are going to have canned food in you emergency food storage, make sure you have enough manual can openers to last the duration of the emergency plus one more can opener, just in case you break them.

Please, don't plan to use P-38s or P-51s can openers as your primary, alternate, or contingency can openers. If you don't believe me, buy a P-38 (the can opener not the pistol) and use it to open all of your cans for a few days. However, the P-51 can opener is an OK opener as your emergency opener.

More Internet Resources:

Her name is Susanne, and she is known as the Hillbilly Housewife. I don't know if she is a real person or a group of extension service folks, but she has great information on preparing healthy and delicious meals for the family and stretching your food dollar, too.

Hillbilly House Wife:

Their names are Abs and Hannah. Do they have a blog!!! They walk the walk then talk the talk. If you are preparing for a long-term food emergency using basic food, you need to read their blog "Safely Gathered In." Then you need to add their posts, With Pictures!!!, to your survival bible.

Safely Gathered In:

Food Network is a great resource for recipes, or just type in "recipes" in any search engine.

Food Network:

State and County Extension Offices:
Another internet, payed for by your taxes, resource is the state extension services. Go to your favorite search engine and type in your state then extension service. An example is "Utah State Extension Service."

You will have many publications specific for you state. If you don't get what you want, you can contact the local county extension office for help. They will provide help on selecting the best varieties of fruits and vegetables, gardening tips for your area, money management, business information, and much more. Some states even offer a program called Master Gardener to assist you in your gardening efforts.

By the way, on the internet, no one asks you what state you're from, so feel free to look at other states for more information.

Consumer's Guide: Preparing an Emergency Food Storage Guide
Dr. Elizabeth Andress and Dr. Judy Harrison have informative guides on, what else but, emergency food storage. Their guides can be found at:

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