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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Third Half - Information

This is the third half of the post on information

There comes a time in everyone's life where we have to seek out like minded others to help learn a piece of knowledge or a specific skill. One of these places are other folk's blogs.

Be warned, not everyone is getting ready for the same set of emergencies. Some have more money but less time then you and your family, so they throw money at a problem. Other folks may believe things differently then you and your family do.

So, as you go through these blogs; think about if these folks "fit" into your preparedness plans, but don't forget, make sure you listen to the folks that might disagree with your views; they might have something for you to think about.

With that said, you will find links to numerous blogs, below.

Some are exclusively about emergency preparedness and survivalism, others are about freedom issues with survival mixed in, and others are a mix of guns, politics, freedom, survival and whatever the writer wants to write.

Be warned. These folks have their opinions. What has worked for them may not work for you.

Additionally, some of the writers are trying to make back a little of their expenses. They have pamphlets, books, and other items for sale. Some even take donations.

Just so you know, if a site has ads by Goggle or others, and you click on the ad, the site owner will receive a small remittance from the advertising company.

Abraham's Blog

Aspiring Survivalist Blog

Be A Survivor Blog

Bear Ridge Project Blog

Bison Survival Blog

Boniface's Treatise Blog

Casaubon's Book

Circle of the Oroborous Blog

Code Name Insight Blog

Coffee with the Hermit Blog

The Coming Depression Blog

Comrade Simba Blog

Daily Survival Blog

Degringolade Blog

Down in the Hills-The Survivalist Way Blog

Everyday Prepper

La Ferme de Sourrou Blog

The Field Lab Blog

Food - Learning from the Poor’s Blog

Food Storage... A Necessary Adventure Blog

Food Storage Made Easy

Frugal Canning Blog

Grain Storehouse

How to Pack Food for Long Term Storage Blog

I'd Rather Be...The Pursuit of an Off Grid Life Blog

Hunter-Gather: Wild & Fresh Food Blog

Journey in the Woods Blog

Keep it Simple Survival Blog

Little Homestead in the City Blog

Living for End Times

No BS Survival Blog

No Nanny State - Molon Labe!

Notes From the Bunker Blog

Off-Grid.Net Blog

Off Grid Survival Blog

Patriots Against the NWO Blog

Peak Oil Hausfrau Blog

Prepare! Tips To Survive The End Of The World Blog

Prepared For Survival Blog

Preparing for Tyranny Blog

Preparing Your Family Blog

Prepper Podcast

Real Self Reliance

Safely Gathered In Blog

Scoutinlife's Homestead and Preparedness Blog

Self Sustained Living Blog

She Survives Blog

Sh*t Hit The Fan Blog

Simple Green Frugal Co-op Blog

Something Wicked Comes Blog

Staying Alive Blog

Stealth Survival Blog

The Suburban Prepper Blog

Survival Acres Blog

Survival Blog

Survival Lady Blog

The Survival Mom Blog

The Survival Podcast

The Survival Report

Survival/Special Cooking

Survival Spot Blog

Survival Strategies Blog

Survival Topics

Survive the Worst Blog

Survivalist Blog

Survivalist News

Surviving in Argentina Blog



Texas Woman Prepper's Blog

Today's Survival Show

Total Survivalist Libertarian Bitchfest Blog

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest Blog

The Urban Survivalist Blog

Viking Preparedness Blog

Wolf Tracks Blog

Woodcraft in Poland

Wretha's Adventures Living 100% Off Grid Blog

You will notice, some of the blogs are no longer updated or updated on an irregular basis. Most of these blogs still have an active archive, so make sure you read their archives. Even though they may no longer be posting, the authors still might have information for you on their blog.

If you have a survival/emergency preparedness blog, and you would like to be included in this list, e-mail me at gsiep.blogspot(at) Put "Blog List Addition" in the heading, so I don't automatically delete the e-mail. I usually check this e-mail box once a week.

Since you have hung around this long, If you have a question, feel free to e-mail me at the same address.

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