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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prepare: Shopping Basket

You have seen one of these. Your traditional hand shopping basket found in most grocery stores. Can't pack a lot in one of these, right? Not really.

Let's say you are on the road or nearby and you need to get some quick supplies before they are all gone. However, the grocery store has limited purchases to a single hand basket to keep the "hoarders" at bay.

So into the store you go with basket in hand. The goal is to get enough food or stuff for a few days. Let's say enough to fit into a backpack for instance.

If you are on the move, the most important things to have are water, protein and the ability stay energized and replace electrolytes. There is no way you are going to get three days worth of water into a hand basket, so instead concentrate on food.

Go to the packaged meat section. Get..
- foil wrapped single servings of Spam
- foil wrapped single servings of tuna
- small cans of vienna sausages or tuna

Go to the diet food section. Get..
- a handful of protein bars. Go for the most protein in a serving. Myplex have 27 grams per bar.
- get any packets of electrolyte mix if they have it. If not, go the drinks section and get envelopes of gatorade.

Go to the drug section and get..
- one 100 count bottle of aspirin
- one 100 count of multi vitamins

Go the bakery section and get carbs..
- three packs of tortillas or pita bread
(flat gets more in the basket)

Lot's of room left..

Go to the baking section and get..
- dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, etc)
- nuts (peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, etc)

Go to the grocery section and get..
- single serve packets of peanut butter or nutella
- Bags of M&M's

If there is any room left, grab a handful of small oranges or bananas and pile them in. Or maybe some quick energy drinks like 5 Hour Energy, which is small and takes up only a little room. Or a small bottle of bleach. Or some trash bags or ziplok storage bags, but only if you can take them out of the box in the store.

Only thing left to do now if find a water source and then hit the road.

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