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Sunday, February 21, 2010

With the changing weather, rotate your BOB items

A Bug out bag is basically a big survival kit that contains all of the items you would require to survive after a disaster. A Bug Out Bag allows you to grab what you need quickly and evacuate should a disaster happen.

Most experts suggest that your BOB should contain enough supplies to last for at least seventy two hours. Since most major disasters can disrupt services and normal life for longer than 72 hours. Make sure your Bag is built to fit your needs. When putting your bag together take into consideration any special needs or items that you or your family might need.

These are photos of my wife’s bag. I choose a full frame backpack with an adjustable hip belt for her because of the distance she would have to walk if there were another earthquake and the freeways are shut down again.  This bag is designed with the idea that she walks to a friends house one day, another friends house another day, and on the third day walk home.  The car always has a case of water and she will add that to the pack before she begins to head home.

The bag includes:

Walking shoes and extra socks

Pair of Pants

2 First aid kits with extra bandages, tape, tylenol, and feminine personal hygiene items.

Pocket knife

3 Flashlights, extra batteries

Matches and a lighter

Toilet tissue

Moist wipes

Big trash bag

Bite and Sting Kit

Protein bars and drinks


Can of soup (can to used to boil water for tea)

Spoons and forks

Extra hat



550 cord



Fuel siphon pump

Road maps

Face Masks

Deck of playing cards

Soap and Towel

Small Blanket

Road maps

Duct tape

Hand Sanitizer

Gold Bond Foot cream

Sleeping bag

Every BOB will be different so pack one according to what your immediate needs will be.  With the change in the seasons, you should update and rotate your BOB items.  I usually update hers when I change the water filters in the refrigerator.

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