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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Security when the present systems fail

  1. Look as if you have nothing worth stealing.  Blend in.  Be willing and able to run and hide.
  2. Don’t look for fights, avoid them.  It ain’t the movies where the bad guy never hits anybody important.  No matter how big and bad you are or how much guns and ammo  you have, once the cross fire starts, your or your children could be hit.  You lose then, period, no matter what the outcome of the battle.
  3. Obey the law and keep a low profile.  Give the powers that be no reason to notice you.
  4. Keep your stores secret and hidden–impress that on your children or keep them secret from your children.  Don’t be trusting.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings and the people in it.  Notice new people and any changes.  Again, be alert and not trusting.
  6. Live in a community–don’t isolate yourself.  Those isolated folks out in the boonies?  Easy to ambush and pick off, no matter how much ammo and guns they have.  Animals herd together to increase their odds of survival against predators.
  7. Organize your community to protect itself–this doesn’t necessarily mean gun fights (once that starts, you have a high probability of losing someone you love whether you win or not)–it does mean watching out for each other and coming to each others aid when in distress.
  8. Use subtle physical security–that means making your home harder to break into–things such as locks, bars and gates.  I use the word subtle because you don’t want it to seem as if you’re taking pains to protect your riches.  
  9. An alarm animal is invaluable–an animal that will raise hell of a stranger comes close or into its territory.
  10. Know when to fold ‘em and get the hell out. Always remember the Jews that fled were the ones who survived.  
Since no one can reliably foretell the future, it is impossible to prepare for all contingencies.  Your intelligence, and flexibility will always count for a lot.
 I see many survivalists only preparing security for one scenario, shooting people and having firefights.  They’ve watched too many movies.
What if survival entails moving and abandoning all your stuff, maybe even leaving the country?  In how many real life shit hitting the fan scenarios do you see refugees rather than people dug in and shooting it out?
In most of the real life scenarios, refugees are what happen.  When things get real bad, there’s usually occupation by militarized forces.  It behooves you NOT to have a gun when any militarized forces do their house to house searches.
In retrospect, there’s no fail safe security planning.  You need to be intelligent enough to read the signs of change and flexible and adaptable enough to act on them.  
Originally posted 2009-09-10 06:46:00.
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